Video: Withern youngsters hit the beat in music lessons

Pupils at St Margaret’s Church of England School in Withern have been having a ‘banging’ time during their recent music lessons.

Every Thursday afternoon, the school’s key stage two pupils has music lessons with Amanda Rivers from the Lincolnshire Music Service.

The instruments played are called surdo drum, tamborim, go-go bells and ganzas and key stage two is split into four groups; each week the groups rotate so everyone gets a go on each instrument.

Pupils ove playing Samba, and enjoy the singing songs to the piano like ‘My cat can do the can can’ and ‘The lazy song’.

The children also enjoy ‘The boogie boogie washer woman’.

Each week they play a game called ‘Don’t clap it back’; and the winner plays a special drum called a snare drum.

It’s all just great fun playing the instruments and making music!

Watch the video to see some of the action.