Volunteers needed for Louth & District Community Bank

The Louth & District Community Bank opened its doors about 18 months ago as another service offered to the local community by the Team Parish of Louth and is looking for volunteers.

This Community Bank, which is a branch of the Lincolnshire Credit Union, operates a weekly service from the Trinity Centre in Eastgate every Wednesday morning when trained volunteers are available to meet and help people interested in being either investors or borrowers.

The underlying objective is to provide a friendly, local service offering both a secure savings vehicle and a source of low cost loans without arrangement fees and where credit history is in itself no bar to acceptance.

Demand from both investors and borrowers has been excellent and is continuing to grow ahead of expectations. So much so that they are in urgent need of additional volunteers to join the team of people who are the ‘face of our operation’.

As a volunteer you will be asked to work with potential investors to explain the different ways to save with the Community Bank and the benefits which we offer, and also to work with loan applicants to ensure that they understand the loan terms and conditions and to guide them through the application process.

You will be provided with a comprehensive interactive training package, and regular follow-up training provision in which we will ask for your views on how to improve the service.

Who makes a good volunteer? Well, we are looking for people who enjoy meeting people, who can listen as well as advise, who understand basic domestic finance and budgeting, who will understand and respect the need for absolute confidentiality, and can explain the key elements of our financial products simply and effectively.

Do you have these skills and qualities? If you do, then why not come and be part of the success.

Want to learn more, or, even better, apply to be a volunteer? Then please contact Peta Hill on 01507 610752. pcwpeta@btconnect.com