Voters give Lincolnshire Sausage campaign a second wind

THE campaign to protect the Lincolnshire sausage has been given fresh impetus after over 10,000 people said they expected theirs to be made in the county.

The bid to give the sausage Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status was turned down by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs earlier this year, but an appeal was launched .

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association held an online survey which showed overwhelming support. Overall 10,158 people said they expected their sausages to be made in Lincolnshire, compared to 118 who voted for elsewhere.

Campaigner Janet Godfrey said: “Given this new information and the fact that there are new ministers in Defra this appears to be an opportune time to lobby them to reverse their decision not to award protection for the Lincolnshire Sausage and for local politicians MP’s MEP, councillors and others to get involved.

“The Lincolnshire Sausage Association welcome the appointment of a new minister with responsibility for food and hope that he will look sympathetically upon our appeal against Defra’ s rejection of our application for Protected Geographical Indication for Lincolnshire Sausages.

“The appeal, containing new evidence and clarification of our application, was submitted on June 14 and we are still awaiting a response from Defra. We can only assume that the delay is because Defra seriously considering this new evidence and we are optimistic about the outcome.”