Warning against use of novelty lighters in our region

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LINCOLNSHIRE Trading Standards have warned members of the public to be wary of giant novelty cigarette lighters being sold on our coast.

They are concerned that the cigarette lighters, branded as Big Lighters and Giant Lighters, could leave people with nasty burns or injuries. The products, which can be up to four tiemes the size of normal lighters, have been found for sale in outlets on our coast.

Sara Barry, Head of Trading Standards, said: “The particular lighters that failed the safety standards have been removed from sale by our officers, who are currently investigating other types of extra large lighters being offered for sale in Lincolnshire to ensure they comply with the relevant safety standards.

“The lighters exhibited flaring during tests and many also failed a drop test, fragmenting and allowing gas to escape when dropped on a hard surface.”

Concerns have been raised over the potential for injury when the lighters are held close to the face to light cigarettes, or if used to light BBQs.

Retailers can check product safety with their suppliers and concerned members of the public should seek assurances from the retailer.