Warning over Lincolnshire population increase

LINCOLNSHIRE’S population has increased by over 66,000 in just 10 years, new census figures reveal.

Charity Lincolnshire Home Improvement Agency says the rise signals a ‘vast increase’ in the county’s older and vulnerable people in need of support. A total of 713,700 people were counted across the county, compared to just 647,600 in 2001.

Mick King, agency director of the charity, said: “We need to be aware that as our population increases, the county’s resources are spread more thinly across each person.

“It’s an alarming truth but with people living longer a larger populace means an older and more dependant majority in the 
coming years who may need support.

“We are urging anyone who has limited mobility, or who is elderly or disabled to contact us to help maintain your independence. We advise on specialist home improvements, repairs and adaptations that can drastically increase mobility.”