Water problems in the pipeline for Louth?

Water supply at risk?
Water supply at risk?

Louth Town Councillors have voiced major concerns over the situation regarding water supply and sewerage in the town - particularly in light of large-scale housing developments which could be in the pipeline.

At the Town Council’s meeting last Tuesday evening (August 23), councillors discussed whether to invite a representative from Anglian Water to a future meeting to answer challenges regarding the current issues and future infrastructure requirements in Louth.


James Silcocks

Some councillors are suggesting that the water network may be unable to cope as a result of large housing developments proposed for the future.

Earlier this month, the Leader reported that part of Westgate Fields is due to be dug up in October while Anglian Water makes improvements to its water and sewerage network, in order to cope with the demands of the 149-home development which has been approved for land off Fulmar Drive, on the opposite side of town.

Coun Ros Jackson said: “I’ve been in correspondence with Anglian Water - which is hard enough on its own.

“Anglian Water’s take was that, as far as they know, there isn’t actually a water pressure problem in Louth, in terms of having enough pressure - which is not what I’ve heard from councillors, and it’s not necessarily what I’ve heard from residents either.”

Coun Andrew Leonard said: “Most of what we want to discuss - excluding flooding - revolves around new properties being built in Louth.

“We want some answers about this because that will help us formulate decisions on planning applications, and they might just let something slip that not everybody else knew about”.

Coun Leonard suggested that such information could be used by the Town Council to oppose unpopular large-scale housing developments in the future.

Coun Laura Stephenson said: “The sewerage problem is a real issue, with the pipes going out of town going uphill - which is just bizarre.

“We don’t even know where the pipes are. I’ve been asking for a map of the pipes underneath the town for years and I still haven’t got one. I don’t think they have one.”

Coun Stephenson added: “We want to know about what they do, looking at planning applications, and how they’re going to manage the sewage problem which is only going to get greater - no matter how many houses they build or don’t build.

“And, we want them to let us know about how they’re going to keep fresh water coming to us even with all these problems that are happening.

“If they’re going to have to get water from somewhere else, with more houses in Louth, where are they going to get it from?”

The Town Council voted in favour of inviting a representative from Anglian Water to attend a future meeting and respond to councillors’ concerns.

Following the meeting, a spokeswoman from Anglian Water told the Leader that the company will be getting involved in local engagement with residents - and that a representative would attend the Town Council meeting following a formal request.