Watts Lane gate aims to prevent nuisance drivers using shortcut

Pothole (stock image).
Pothole (stock image).

The Watts Lane Residents’ Association’s long-running ambition to install a gate to prevent motorists cutting through their lane is finally set to be fulfilled this week.

Alison Ackrill, chairman of the residents’ association, told the Leader that there have been problems in the past with drivers cutting through Watts Lane - a private road - despite there being a prohibition order in place.

Alison confirmed that the gate would meet all the necessary standards, including luminous strips on the gate itself and new signs for nearby lamp posts.

The gate is being funded by a donation from the Mount Pleasant Residents’ Association, and local residents.

As it is a private road, residents have to fund or carry out maintenance work - such as pothole repairs - themselves.

The gate will clip into place, rather than being locked, and it will allow access for Watts Lane residents and service vehicles. Pedestrians and cyclists will be unaffected.

Alison said: “It’s all about trying to break bad habits, and ensure safety on Watts Lane.”

The gate is expected to be installed by early October.