Watts Lane gate in Louth finally gets installed

The new gate in Watts Lane, Louth.
The new gate in Watts Lane, Louth.

Long-running plans to install a gate in Watts Lane, to deter drivers using it to cut through between Mount Pleasant Avenue and Newmarket, were finally fulfilled last week.

As reported previously, the new gate was installed by residents as the lane is a private road - not adopted by the Highways department - meaning that residents have had to carry out road repairs themselves, or team up and pay for them.

The gate - which was installed following a long-running consultation and vote amongst Watts Lane residents - is not locked, so the lane can still be accessed by residents, visitors, service vehicles and the emergency services.

However, some have claimed that delivery drivers have refused to go down the lane since it was installed, and asked why the lane cannot be adopted by the county council.

In July this year, a county council highways spokesman said: “For Watts Lane to be adopted, it would need to be widened and footways would have to be installed, 
which would cost a significant amount of money.

“Furthermore, it is questionable whether this is even possible given the limited space available.

“Although it is a private road, it is legally classed as a ‘highway’ and an established public right of way.

“That means the residents are within their rights to install a gate, but they must ensure that the road can still be used by those who have a legitimate reason to do so.”

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