‘We have got to stick together’: Lib Dem MEP speaks to the Louth Leader in the run-up to the European elections

Bill Newton Dunn
Bill Newton Dunn

He calls himself the ‘last man standing’. Bill Newton Dunn, now a Liberal Democrat Member of the 
European Parliament (MEP), has represented the East Midlands region since 1979, making him the longest-serving MEP in the country.

It is therefore no surprise, perhaps, that he told the Leader he is ready and willing to stand up for the European Union and defend its role in the world of international politics, when he popped in to our office this week.

He said: “If Britain and France and Germany and the others work together, then we’ve got some power. Economically, we’re the superpower of the world; we are bigger than America. There are 500 million of us.

“We are much richer than China in terms of wealth too.

“At the very beginning, the EU was about peace and free trade. But now it’s also about accepting we’re all small countries, and we’ve got to stick together.”

He questioned rapid moves over to UKIP while Lib Dem polling numbers drop.

“If Nigel Farage had his way, and Britain left the EU, we would giving up all our say, our power, and our influence.

“We’d still have to obey EU laws, like Norway and Switzerland today. We’d be in the worst of all worlds. Nigel Farage isn’t wicked or bad, but he’s using the age-old trick of frightening people.”

Asked what can the Lib Dems offer the public in the European elections, Mr Newton Dunn said: “In this election, there is only one party - amazingly - who is saying Britain must stay in, which means more jobs and us having a say.

“UKIP also have a clear position, of course. But both the Conservatives and Labour are totally split.”

•Your Leader will be featuring each party before the May 22 European election.