Wedding bells that made it into the News of the World

Doug and Cynthia Tunbridge of Louth celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.
Doug and Cynthia Tunbridge of Louth celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

A MEMORABLE wedding day that made it into the natinal press has been celebrated by a Louth couple, 60 happy years later.

After meeting through the Salvation Army at Swinderby, Doug and Cynthia Tunbridge were due to tie the knot on September 20, 1952 at the Lincoln branch of the church.

But after arriving on time they waited for the registrar due to oversee the day, and when he failed to appear Cynthia’s brohter-in-law was dispatched to find him.

It transpired he was actually at Sincil Bank, watching Lincoln City play, so a placard instructing him to get down to the church was displayed at the ground. Thankfully he saw it, then went to the wrong church!

Finally he turned up at the right place at 5.40pm, nearly four hours late and just 20 minutes before closing time, and Doug and Cynthia were promptly married.

“The story made it into the News of the World, much to Cynthia’s mother’s disgust!” Doug explained.

The couple moved to Louth in May 1966 when Doug started as the minister at the Eastgate Union Church and between them they went on to set up the church youth club and Doug fought two successful elections on East Lindsey District Council.

Doug’s work took them to Peterborough and Corby but they retired back to Louth in 1991, where they have lived ever since.

The Tunbridge family has grown to three sons, a daughter, 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

The happy couple still enjoy regular trips to church, and hold fortnightly services and coffee mornings where they live at Elizabeth Court.

Cynthia revealed the secret to 60 years of marriage as ‘a little bit of give and take’. “You have to work at it,” she said.

The couple plan to celebrate with a family party at the Splash in Little Cawthorpe this Sunday, September 23, and are also holding an open house on their anniversary for friends to drop in and share the joy.