Weight loss launches Louth slimmer Cheryl’s new career

new baby, new body and new career for Cheryl Lamming. Photo: Supplied.
new baby, new body and new career for Cheryl Lamming. Photo: Supplied.

THANKS to Slimming World, Louth woman Cheryl Lamming has reason to celebrate by earning herself a new body and a new career to boot.

After recently having a baby, Cheryl has now put her life back on track after feeling embarrassed by her weight gain and not feeling comfortable in her own skin.

A friend had introduced her to Slimming World and since joining has lost over two and a half stone and off the back of her efforts, has set up her own weight loss group to help others.

She told the Leader: “As the weight dropped off, my confidence rose. Now I feel like a better person, both inside and out.

“I feel a happier person, and a better, happier wife and mummy.”

Even though she still has a way to go, Cheryl wants to share her success and strive to help others. So a career with Slimming World seemed the perfect opportunity to use her knowledge to inspire others.

She added: “I believe I have the drive and empathy to help people start their journey.

“I want my class to be as warm and welcoming to my members as my first class was. I strive to be as fun and passionate as my consultant was.”

So join her in Louth on Saturday morning at 9.30pm at the Salvation Army in Louth, to take back the control in your life.

For more information, contact Cheryl on 07979 697031.