What lies ahead for the beach chalets in Sutton on Sea?

It now looks unlikely that district council-run beach chalets in Sutton on Sea will be ready to hire this year.
It now looks unlikely that district council-run beach chalets in Sutton on Sea will be ready to hire this year.

Confusion surrounds the future of 27 beach chalets in Sutton on Sea following action from the district council in making them unavailable for hire until further notice.

A notification appeared on the town’s promenade on Friday (January 22) stating that the East Lindsey District Council-run chalets ‘are no longer suitable for hire due to their condition’.

The note was then taken down three days later following an ‘expression of interest’ which the district council received from a newly formed Community Interest Company (CIC) who are keen to take the chalets on.

Coastal Events CIC was formed in late 2015 by co-directors Patti Marson, Judi Rastall and Adrian Marson.

The news of the beach chalets being unavailable for hire prompted them to take action.

Ms Marson explained: “We are a new group that formed for the benefit of Sutton on Sea, Trusthorpe and Mablethorpe.

“But when we heard the news that the chalets were going to be unavailable this season, it spurred us into action quickly.

“We want to take on the beach chalets. We feel we can do it and we have a lot of support from people already.

“It seems crazy to lose them as they are important to Sutton on Sea and make up a big part of the tourist offer, and would have a detrimental impact on the local economy.”

The new group also has the backing from both Sutton on Sea district councillors.

Coun Helen Matthews commented: “I give my full support to Coastal Events CIC and I am working with them as I can see they could bring forward a positive opportunity.

“They could help bring the beach chalets into the 21st century.”

Coun Stephen Palmer said: “I think it is unnecessary to stop the running of all 27 beach chalets.

“I don’t believe all of them are unfit for purpose.

“We now have an expression of interest, so let’s give them a chance to get them up and running this year.”

The saga of keeping the council-run beach huts safeguarded for the future in Sutton on Sea and Mablethorpe has been on-going since July 2014 .

It started with a proposal from the district council to put them all out to tender - with the plan of demolishing them if no-one could be found to take them on. The council also wanted all the chalets to be taken on - and not just one set.

ELDC says it is considering the future ofchalets and will be meeting with the new Coastal Events CIC in the next couple of weeks.