What lies ahead for the Coastal Centre in Mablethorpe?

The Coastal Centre in Mablethorpe's Victoria Road. EMN-140715-101402001
The Coastal Centre in Mablethorpe's Victoria Road. EMN-140715-101402001

The future running of The Coastal Centre in Mablethorpe is unclear following reports of The Boatshed Charity giving notice on their lease.

Lincolnshire County Council own the building and The Boatshed Charity lease it from them.

Kevin Kendall, chief property officer at the County Council said: “The Coastal Centre has given six months notice that they will no longer be leasing the property from us.

“Discussions are now taking place with them and Mablethorpe Town Partnership to see if there is a way for the building to remain in community use. In the meantime, the technology hub remains within the centre, opening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and by appointment on other days.”

This vital community building is situated in Victoria Road in the town and houses many local groups and organisations which includes Mablethorpe Royal British Legion, The Coastal Communities Information Hub and Lincolnshire Credit Union.

Chairman of The Boatshed Charity, Tony Howard defends The Coastal Centre and believes with the help and support of more volunteers coming forward, the centre will continue to run successfully.

He added: “The Coastal Centre has all the same SWOT’s (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) as it did when The Boatshed opened the doors to it over 18 months ago. However, as with any successful operation, circumstances change.

“One thing is for certain is that I, in my role as chair, believe any negotiations surrounding matters between landlord and tenant should be regarded as being confidential matters and should be treated as such by both parties. I, on behalf of The Boatshed Charity and The Coastal Centre, do not intend to discuss any matters regarding confidential issues.

“I will however say The Coastal Centre has one on-going problem, the availability of volunteers, so if anyone would like to volunteer, please get in touch.”