Where does your recycling really go?

East Lindsey residents have become the first in Lincolnshire to be able to find out exactly where their recycled household waste ends up.

East Lindsey District Council empties a whopping 66,280 recycling bins every fortnight with homes generating over 12,000 tonnes of waste for recycling each year.

By visiting ELDC’s website, residents can see where their plastics, aluminium, card and paper all end up.

Overall as a district, East Lindsey currently recycles around 55 per cent of its waste.

Although East Lindsey District Council collects the waste from homes in the district, Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for disposing of it.

Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Tony Bridges, said: “I am pleased we at East Lindsey District Council, are able to tell local people where their recycled waste ends up.

“Recycling is so vitally important for the environment. The fact that residents of East Lindsey continue to recycle a greater amount of their waste than many other areas in the UK is an acknowledgement of how seriously people in our district take recycling.

“I want to personally thank the residents of East Lindsey for their co-operation in helping this district to become a leader in waste recycling.

“We hope that publishing the location where waste is recycled is another incentive for residents to continue recycling as much as possible.”

In addition to the recycled waste, the district council collects 23,500 tonnes of domestic waste and over 16,000 tonnes of green waste each year.