Why Britain’s oldest Tiger Tango is feeling Grrrreat

The original Esso Tiger settling in at Langworth, Lincolnshire EMN-140704-120917001
The original Esso Tiger settling in at Langworth, Lincolnshire EMN-140704-120917001

Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park has a special birthday boy, with celebrations planned for Tango the Tiger, the oldest tiger in Britain.

Tango and his eight year-old partner Julia were rescued from a German circus earlier this year, with the park raising £250,000 to bring the pair to Lincolnshire to retire.

Tango should be a familiar face already though, previously featuring in the Esso adverts, with that well-known catchphrase “Put a tiger in your tank.”

Neil Mumby, who opened Woodside Park in 2001, says the two tigers have been fantastic, with visitor numbers rising, helped by this year’s glorious summer.

The tigers are the only ones in Lincolnshire on public view. Though their unknown genetic origin means they are not being used for breeding, their mere existence helps educate on the plight of tigers in the wild as well as fundraise for tiger conservation.

Tango and Julia have other feline friends in the park, two Siberian lynx named Linus and Isabelle, who are also recent arrivals.

“We are able to talk and engage with people on the possibility of releasing large carnivores back into the British countryside. The response has been mixed but interesting,” Neil continued.

Woodside Park also has white wolves, reptiles, otters, tropical butterflies and more, with new arrivals all the time.

“We had a White Stork arrive last week, with three more due shortly. The most popular animals are still the sloth and the meerkats.”

With falconry displays, meet the lemurs, reptile handling, cat feeding, wolf feeding and an amazing animal show, the park offers much fun.

But don’t forget Tango’s birthday on August 8, with face painting and prizes for best tiger costume.