Why teachers are seeing double in Scamblesby

The Scamblesby School twins. Can you tell them apart?
The Scamblesby School twins. Can you tell them apart?

Staff at a village primary school could be forgiven for thinking they are seeing double - as they have to teach five sets of twins.

Amazingly, Scamblesby Primary School has just 62 children - meaning 20 per cent of pupils are twins.

What’s more, four sets of the twins are identical. According to one bookmaker, the chances of such a high ratio of twins is 10,000-1, or the same as discovering a four-leaf clover for the first time.

Stunned teachers say they have never seen anything like it and admit they often struggle to tell the twins apart.

Headteacher Julie Strawson said: “I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years and this is the first time I have seen so many twins at the same school.

“I know we have had triplets and twins at the school before - but never five sets at the same time.

“People have said the reason must be something they put in the water around here but I’m not so sure.”

Mrs Strawson, who has been head at Scamblesby for five years - admitted staff struggled to tell the twins apart.

She explained: “To be honest, if they are together in the same class it is very difficult.

“If they are apart, we usually call out both their names and hopefully one of them will respond.

“To be fair, the parents do help in that they try to send their children to school dressed a bit differently.

“It might by a pair of different colours socks, or a different hair band. Anything that helps is very welcome.”

The eldest of the identical twins are 10-year-old Frankie and Thomas.

They admitted there is plenty of rivalry between them, especially when it comes to football.

Frankie said: “I support Manchester United and Thomas supports Chelsea.

“We don’t always get on. We do argue, but most of the time it is okay.

“I know the teachers can’t always tell us apart and neither can some of our friends.”

Five year-old Katie and Emma admit they are the best of friends.

Katie said: “We can be a bit naughty because we look the same, but not at home because mummy and daddy can tell us apart - most times!”

The full list of twins is - Year 1, Katie and Emma; Year 2, Grace and Amy; Year 3, Dougie and Freddie; Year 5, James and Cody, Frankie and Thomas.

Mrs Strawson added: “The twins are very good and they are really happy at the school - as are all our children.”

Scamblesby isn’t the only school to hit the headlines because of twins.

n De Aston School in Market Rasen had six sets of twins in the same school year in 2012

n Brington Primary School in Northamptonshire had three sets of twins in the same class in 2013

n Weedon Primary School in Northamptonshire had nine sets of twins throughout the school

n Newbarns Primnary School in Barrow-in-Furness had five sets of twins in the reception group last year

n Doddington Primary School in Edinburgh had 10 sets of twins in the same year group in 2012.