Will a Louth couple get that golden gavel as they are set to appear on Bargain Hunt?

Tina and Steve Grant-Brown.
Tina and Steve Grant-Brown.

A Louth couple will be hitting our television screens this autumn, appearing on popular BBC One show Bargain Hunt.

Steve Brown, 53, and his wife Tina, 47, took part in the auditions and filming earlier this summer, and their episode is expected to be broadcast in October or November.

Unfortunately, due to strict BBC rules, Steve and Tina have not been allowed to reveal whether they won until their episode has been aired.

However, ahead of filming, the couple said that they would donate any proceeds to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance - if they were to make a profit on the show.

The couple’s adventure all started back in March when, on a whim, Steve went online and applied for him and his wife to be on the show.

While holidaying in Belgium a few weeks later, the couple received a phone call inviting them to go along for an audition.

Thousands of people had applied, and hundreds were invited along to the audition stage. However, one week after the auditions, Steve and Tina were told the good news that they were one of only 24 lucky couples who had successfully made it through to be on the actual show.

The filming took place in Newark back in June, and now it is just a matter of waiting to find out when the episode featuring Steve and Tina - otherwise known as ‘The Blue Team’ - will be broadcast.

Steve said: “There were three antiques shops that we visited in Newark, and we had Gary Pe as our expect.

“We were given 60 minutes and £300, and we had to visit the antiques shops and purchase three items within that hour to sell on at the auction in Nottingham.”

Tina said: “There were 12 couples at the auction as they were filming lots of episodes on the same day, and we had a keep a poker face after the auction so nobody knew if we’d made a profit or not!”

She added: “It was really good fun, and they treat you really well. There’s a Green Room and they give you drinks and your dinner - they really keep your pampered.

Steve said: “It was a bit nerve-wracking at the auditions, because we’re not antique experts by any stretch of the imagination. We’re just run-of-the-mill people.

“But on the actual day we bought the items, it felt good and we both enjoyed.

“It was certainly an experience, and for anyone who is thinking of doing it, I highly recommend it.”

He added: “We decided all along that, if we win, we would give the money to the Air Ambulance. They do a really good job, a brilliant job.”

• Once the broadcast date is announced, it will be posted to the Louth Leader website.