Wingas donation helped outing

Pupils from North Cockerington CE Primary School enjoyed a visit to Gibraltar Point to find out more about the local area.

The visit could not have taken place without a very generous donation from Wingas which funded the transport cost for the whole school – two coaches over two days.

Headteacher Lesley Thornes said that such visits not only deepen children’s geographic and scientific understanding of the world around them but that they also impact very positively on children’s writing.

“At North Cockerington, we are committed to finding every opportunity for our pupils to link their learning with the wider world. The good progress our pupils make is a testament to our staff’s skills in grasping every opportunity to create real purposes for writing. We hope your readers enjoy these pupil reports on the visit.”

Here is a report written by the children -

When we got there we were greeted by our guide for the day; Jennifer. As soon as we had settled she told us what we were doing and we headed out.

Our first activity for the day was sea dipping, using nets to fish on the sea shore.

We got split into four groups for this activity as there were only four nets and 37 of us. This activity was really fun although all we caught were four shrimps and a sea gooseberry!

After lunch we had our next activity; dissecting an owl pellet (the owl equivalent of a cat’s fur ball). At first some people found it disgusting but as soon as we got started everybody got used to it and had loads of fun. We found out that owls can be really greedy and in some pellets there were four or even five different skeletons of little rodents and things. One of the groups found a common shrew and three field voles.

Everybody thanked Jennifer for doing a great job telling us everything about the wildlife and all the seaside animals. We said our goodbyes and happily climbed onto the bus.

The bus driver took us on a little detour round Skegness taking us an hour and a half to get back to school. When we got off the bus, Mrs Bell, one of our teachers, gave us our goody bags.