Witham Group WI treasure trail

TEAMS of members from branches of the Women’s Institute that form the Witham Group including Wragby and East Barkwith travelled to Branston to take part in the annual Treasure Trail which was as usual ably organised by Aileen Creasey and Doreen Meanwell.

The clues set for them to follow encouraged healthy exercise while the trail provided an opportunity for those taking part to explore the village and learn a little more about the history of Branston.
The winning team was Horsington A with Kath Holland, Brian Holland, Karen Hay and Sylvia Hawkins, East Barkwith with Yvonne Bryson, Kate Wright and Jean Best were second and in third place was Horsington B with Brenda Ward, Margaret Pashley, Clare Crick and Coral Morgan.
The teams then had the opportunity to relax and meet together socially as they enjoyed tucking into the Faith Supper that all had contributed too while the Witham Group Convener Rosemary Howe served welcome cups of tea and coffee.

Rosemary also announced the winners and presented the prizes and she was thanked by Kath Holland for her contribution to the very successful evening.