Woldmarsh launch Agronomy Academy with NIAB TAG

The Lincolnshire based farmers’ cooperative have announced the launch of the WOLDMARSH – NIAB TAG Agronomy Academy 2013, a new initiative led by Patrick Stephenson of NIAB TAG.

Heather Claridge, Woldmarsh Business Manager explained: “James Allis and I met with Nick Watson and Patrick Stephenson of NIAB TAG in August and it soon became clear that both parties have similar ambitions in supporting the younger farming generation. 

“By focussing the Academy on the 18-39 age group, we aim to ensure continued development for those at the earlier stages of their farming career”.

Woldmarsh see the future of our industry as being inextricably linked to a well informed and enthusiastic younger generation.  

“As part of our commitment to this principle Woldmarsh will be supporting one free place for the person who is drawn first out of the hat.”

The academy is open to a maximum of 20 people and the response to this ground breaking initiative has been fantastic.