Woman drank bottle of wine before driving


A woman who had had a ‘dreadful day’ at work, drank a bottle of wine before driving home, a court has been told.

Lucy Lewis, 34, of Orchard Park, Grimoldby, admitted failing to provide a specimen of breath when she appeared before Skegness Magistrates Court.

The court was told Lewis was involved in a minor accident at 4.10pm on September 6 in Saddlebeck Road, Skidbrooke, and police were called.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said she was given a positive breath test with a ‘very high reading’ and was arrested but was unable to provide a specimen of breath at the police station.

He said she was ‘very emotional’ and explained she had had a dreadful day at work and had bought a ‘couple of bottles of wine on her way home and had drunk one of them’.

Defending, Saleem Khan said Lewis had no previous convictions but had had a very bad day and had also fallen out with her partner.

He said she did make a genuine attempt to give a sample of breath but had been unsuccessful.

Judge John Stobart told her that however strained things were the solution was not to drink heavily and quickly when she was driving.

He fined her £180 and ordered her to pay £85 in costs and a £20 victim surcharge but told her that as a disqualification was going to hit her harder because of her poor access to public transport, he would only disqualify her from driving for 16 months.

She was offered the drink drivers’ rehabilitation course which would reduce the period of disqualification by four months.