Woman pleads for return of iPod containing photos of her late father

Ellie Starbuck (23). 3_dLH4zVZNt-7k3Zbk-D
Ellie Starbuck (23). 3_dLH4zVZNt-7k3Zbk-D

A Louth shop worker has pleaded for the return of her stolen iPod Touch, which contains sentimental photographs of her father who passed away six years ago.

Ellie Starbuck, 23, from Coningsby, had only recently received the photos from her relatives, and she had not yet been able to back them up as her laptop was broken at the time.

An iPod Touch, similar to the one stolen. (stock image).

An iPod Touch, similar to the one stolen. (stock image).

Ellie, who works at Age UK in Eastgate, Louth, is desperate for the return of her iPod, as the photographs cannot be recovered from elsewhere and they are the only photos she has of her late father, who died in August 2009.

The iPod went missing on or around Saturday October 31, when Ellie went on her lunch break with the iPod in her pocket. She was later unable to find it, and believes that she may have been pick pocketed.

The missing gadget is an iPod Touch (32GB, 4th generation) with a broken middle button.

Ellie said: “If you know anyone who has it, please get them to hand it in to the police, or - if you are reading this and you have it - please do the same.

“I will be so grateful; I know there are some good people out there.

“I can’t lose the photos, as well as my dad... it would kill me, as he mean the world to me”

If you find the iPod, please take it along to the Age UK shop at 54 Eastgate, Louth.

If somebody tries to sell an iPod matching the above description, contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.