Woman spat at taxi man in Mablethorpe

A 26-year-old woman spat at a man in a taxi office after being told what the fare would be to get home.

Crystal Elouise McGuiness of Grunnill Close, Skegness, admitted assaulting Christopher Gash at Mablethorpe on October 7.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said Miss McGuiness had been on a night out.

He said she went into the Street Cars taxi office in Waterloo Road at 3.30am to order a taxi to get home.

Mr Wood said she was told the fare would be £25 and she then became abusive and waved her hands at him.

When he retreated behind the counter, she spat at him and her saliva landed on his clothing.

He said that when Mr Gash rang the police, she tried to get the phone off him.

McGuiness, who was not represented, told the magistrates that she had been provoked.

She said she would not have reacted as she had if she had not been drunk.

She admitted she had spat at him.

But said she only tried to take the phone off him to speak to the police herself.

She was fined £75 and was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £20.