Workmen struggle in the big sand clear up

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Five weeks on and workmen have still been struggling to clear wind blown sand across the coast, despite a change in wind direction.

More strong winds last week further hampered the sand clearance efforts by East Lindsey District Council.

They said the task has been a ‘difficult one’.

They added that although last week’s change in prevailing wind direction, from east to south westerly, had been welcomed strong wind speeds continued to move the existing fine dry sand deposits around.

“Given the conditions I’m pleased with our progress. We have kept on schedule and the bulk of the sand removal works at Roman Bank, Sandilands has now been complete,” said Danny Wilson, Street Scene Area Manager (North) at the council, who is responsible for the Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea area.

“We have also been working closely with the Environment Agency to identify key areas to help focus resource in a joint effort to most benefit clearance efforts for the area.”

Efforts will now be focused on the main promenade in Mablethorpe where teams will remain until the majority of wind blown sand has been cleared.

In the South, including Skegness and Winthorpe, which received much lower volumes of sand, the team was able to remove the majority of sand from the foreshore before the change in wind direction.

This meant the wind change at the start of the week aided the team greatly and they were able to spend the majority of the week finishing off the tidy up and return to normal work operations.

Residents told us the high winds had blown huge piles of sand into gardens.

We reported that Sutton on Sea resident John Watkins had been left struggling with the hig volume of sand in his garden.