Youngster’s big circus break in Mablethorpe featured in TV series

Two of a kind: Circus owner Rusty Russell and new performer Imogen Reynolds.
Two of a kind: Circus owner Rusty Russell and new performer Imogen Reynolds.

A Mablethorpe circus owner has made a girl’s dream of wanting to run away with the circus a reality - and her journey will be featured on an upcoming TV documentary.

Rusty Russell (50) from Mablethorpe has owned Russell’s Circus for the last 12 years.

Imogen (15) in action.

Imogen (15) in action.

But the love of the circus has flowed through Rusty’s veins since the age of 12 when he first went to see the circus.

Since that day, he hasn’t looked back and has climbed the ladder to stardom.

Now he wants to help out circus newbie, 15-year-old Imogen Reynolds, originally from Great Yarmouth.

And it’s all been captured on film as part of new Channel Five documentary ‘Circus Kids’ to be aired in the coming weeks.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the TV documentary,” Mr Russell said.

“We are a high quality circus and it will be great for people to see the great things we do.”

Imogen has been fascinated by the circus for as long as she can remember and started taking circus classes at the age of 12.

She then began to specialise in aerial performances and dance.

“Any circus that came into town, I’d make sure I would always go and watch,” Imogen explained.

“I loved the sparkly costumes, the bright lights and everyone on stage, so I started taking circus classes myself, which I really enjoyed.

“Out of them all, Russell’s Circus was always my favourite one to go and watch.”

After always going back for more, Imogen started to make friends at Russell’s circus and it wasn’t long before Russell saw Imogen’s talents for himself.

“I saw a video of Imogen in action on social media and recognised her from coming to see the circus often and decided to meet her,” Russell added.

“She was really talented, so I asked if she wanted the opportunity to join us.”

It was then down to Imogen to make the final decision of joining the circus.

“I had thought long and hard about it all, but the circus shows are all I want to do, and now I’m starting my first full season.

“I’m really excited, especially doing the shows in Mablethorpe as I have never been to that area before.”

Mr Russell has had nothing but praise for Imogen.

“Imogen is a very welcome addition to our circus family,” Mr Russell said.

“She gets on well with all the other girls, and she’s a really happy, bubbly youngster.”

Russell’s Circus will be back in Mablethorpe from Monday, July 17.

1 Channel’s Five’s ‘Circus Kids’ will be aired at 9pm on July 6, 13 and 20. Imogen and Russell’s Circus is set to feature in episode two.