Youngsters search for new quad bike track in Mablethorpe after council action

Levi, four,(left) and Elliott, five, are disappointed they have no place to ride their quad bikes.
Levi, four,(left) and Elliott, five, are disappointed they have no place to ride their quad bikes.

East Lindsey District Council has defended a decision which has left young quad bike racers from the Mablethorpe area looking for a new site.

Dads Jason Hyatt and Lee McGarth set up a race track for their sons on land at the town’s industrial estate.

They marked out a circuit last November with tyres and sand bags and their idea quickly proved popular with youngsters who were able to race in a safe environment.

But ELDC own the land and have now dismantled the track, saying no-one had permission to use it for quad-biking.

An ELDC spokesman said: “East Lindsey District Council is aware that an area of land in Enterprise Road was being used for quad bike racing with a large quantity of tyres and sandbags being used to make a track.

“The land is owned by East Lindsey District Council and permission has not been given for it to be used for this purpose.

“Therefore, the council has removed the tyres and other waste.”

There seems little chance of the quad-bike enthusiasts returning as ELDC confirmed the site will be allocated as ‘employment land’ as part of the authority’s Local Plan.

They council adds that quad biking would not be appropriate at the site.

Jason and Lee confirmed they were already looking for an alternative venue and explained why they had initially set up the track at the industrial estate.

Jason said: “We saw that some land was free in Enterprise Road on the industrial estate so decided to set up a little track for our sons to use their quad bikes safely.

“We didn’t purposely mean to upset anyone and realise we didn’t go about it in the best way.

“We now want to go about it via the proper channels.”

Jason and Lee are looking for support and are determined to press ahead with their plans.

Jason added: “We want to set up an official committee and look at potential sites we could use for a quad biking track.

“Mablethorpe is a biking inspired town.

“There is sand racing on the beach which the local youngsters love and also a successful bike night held every year.

“My son is still at that age where he doesn’t understand why we can’t use free land.

“But we are going to try and find a space where all the youngsters can enjoy riding safely – and that is above board.”

Mr Hyatt recently went to see representatives from the town council for their advice.

Mayor of the town, Coun Joyce Taylor wishes the project her luck. She said: “We met with Mr Hyatt on Monday and gave him some advice on how best to go about this and some contacts on who to approach for a potential site.

“It’s nice to see some public spirit for the benefit of our youngsters and wish them all the best with the project.”

1 The duo have set up a Facebook page to gauge opinion. Search for Mablethorpe Community Off Road Track.