A better place with more Dianes

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EDITOR – Knowing Diane since I worked on Suttons Pleasure Gardens many years ago I was saddened to hear of her sudden death and thought what a fitting tribute that was to her in The Leader (Letters, February 2).

She would leave me standing after her cheery ‘hello’ as she strode off into the distance along the sea front in minutes.

My last memory of her is at a Searchers concert at the Embassy in Skegness last summer standing up from her seat, swaying and gyrating to their songs. What a ‘happier’ world it would be if there were a few more ‘Dianes’ in it.

As for the fish in the Queens Park Lake, I am in full agreement with Peter Gregory and Ian Spedding.

The first signs of trouble with fish is seeing them floating dead and dying and I have never seen that there.

I only saw one dead one after the ice melted, but many fish, along with frogs, died in the more shallow garden ponds, frozen over and deprived of oxygen.

They clean up the un-eaten food keeping the water free of pollution and surprise me by how big they grow without water weeds to eat. They must be finding something that suits them!

S Reder