A permit for dog owners?

EDITOR – Re: ‘Cleaning up may be difficult but it’s your responsibility’ (Leader – April 4). Should dog owners have a permit too then?

Let’s just say you have to pay for manure at the garden centres – manure is only grass and water mixed together; why not put it on your roses!

As a rider, I am also against it being on the promenade as it is a public footpath and the openings of the beaches where children play – I would happily go down and pick it up if it was me and my horse.

I think the road and beach is acceptable as it will be dangerous to stand in the middle of the road to clean it up and the beach is a big place and it will get washed away by the sea.

Before you go pointing your finger at horse riders I think you should start complaining about dog owners: the amount that I see in Acre Gap and on the promenade is unbelievable and disgusting!


Sutton on Sea