Academies can only be good for our children

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EDITOR – The only possible negative aspect to academy status for schools is from the teachers’ point of view.

Academy status means that each individual school can draw up its own contracts for teachers, renegotiating pay, hours of work and rules for engagement.

So, for example, an academy in Norfolk is offering a school day starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm with two weeks’ holiday between each of its four terms.

This must be a great benefit to working families. The even greater benefit to children is the fact that failing teachers can be sacked; unlike as now where it is a ‘job-for-life’.

In a country where one in five children start secondary school, at age 11 with only a reading age of five years old, surely something has to be done to prevent poor teaching blighting the lives of generations of youngsters.

I believe the academy programme is a step in the right direction to improving educational standards.

Iris Dainton

The Old Rectory, South Somercotes