Activities galore and a great day to celebrate the jubilee

EDITOR – I am writing in response to the letter printed from Margaret Smith (Leader – June 13).

Mablethorpe had some great activities on during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Yes, the weather was not perfect – we had a lot of wind – but the sun was shining and people were out and about all day.

I went down to the seafront in the morning and saw Iggle Piggle walking along the seafront stopping to have his picture taken with the children.

Later on in Queen’s Park there was face painting; I have seen many pictures of the children with their faces painted.

I also hear Punch and Judy was a great show, and the stilt walkers around town certainly grabbed people’s attention.

I feel the day was a great success with the finale of music on the seafront and wonderful fireworks, the beacon being lit, the atmosphere on the seafront was great and it was wonderful to see so many people attending.

I say well done Mablethorpe, you did yourselves proud!


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