Against development plans

EDITOR – I understand from Keith Pinion’s letter (February 22) that Tesco will not move the war memorial but are going to enhance it.

Tesco have agreed (in writing I hope) that they ‘would not open until 12 noon on Remembrance Sunday’ and this is for the foreseeable future. Somehow I do not think so.

The car park: is it only for Tesco customers or are visitors allowed to park there when they go to the beach and or shopping?

Can someone please explain to me how moving the market to the High Street will be an improvement. I thought it was in the High Street.

Stanley Avenue: there is already a major traffic problem. ONE ROAD, surely it would be too dangerous even for a smaller sports centre to be built there?

And for Tesco to build a ‘proposed children’s play area’, somehow I don’t think so. Perhaps this gentleman should read my previous letters concerning Stanley Avenue.

Traffic on the High Street: Highways have agreed with Tesco’s planners that it will not be a problem, as stated in Mr Pinion’s letter. When exactly was this traffic survey completed? I remember (I was walking my dog) it was cold and raining and, of course, it was winter so the amount of traffic would most definitely be reduced.

Would I like to see more traffic in the High Street? No, because accidents will occur. Surely this is common sense?

I believe the Tesco store will be much smaller and, yes, I am all for redevelopment, but why does it have to be in the High Street?

Visitors will visit the store, but will they visit the other shops along the High Street?


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