All opinions are valid to the debate

EDITOR – I wonder how many people signed up for a swimming pool and now find that the parameters have changed to a support Lindum campaign.

I do not know anyone who is not supportive of a swimming pool, but I think the change is dubious, to say the least.

The objectors to Lindum’s project are some 200 individual people who came together without coersion, without political interference, with a common concern and common aims: TO PROTECT THEIR HOMES.

These people are being referred to by derogatory names by the Lindum supporters, who were only able to muster 50 attendees at their meeting on January 11, and claim to speak for the majority of residents in Mablethorpe – most of whom do not live in the area directly affected by the Lindum project.

Surely people who are going to be affected by Lindum’s proposals are entitled to be heard, and not be shouted down by outsiders and residents who are unlikely to be affected by Lindum’s actions.


Rutland Road, Mablethorpe