Amazed by council’s £50m rejection

EDITOR – Prior to my migration south I had the pleasure of living and working in the Mablethorpe and Sutton urban district (anyone with memories of Jack Parkinson’s pantos in Trusthorpe I hope will appreciate that one).

Ludensian by birth, not my choice, Crowtree Lane, my mother’s maternal geneology I have traced back to 18th century and still regressing on the Raithby family in the area. What a place to live in the 1950s and onwards and upwards.

This may take some believing but in those heady days of youth we had proper shops in the High Street and off it. Two tobacconists in the main thoroughfare to boot with butchers, bakers and electric and gas showrooms. Candles before my time!

I digress. I keep abreast of local happenings on the web and am amazed that the offer by a local company of a £50million stimulus to the town has been rejected.

To call Golf Road ‘out of town’ beggars belief. My pre-school paper round working from WH Smith’s at the railway station took in Golf Road.

And Coun Ferryman’s remarks about this development signing the death knell to the town centre quite frankly amazes me.

Mablethorpe High Street died when Billy Dales shut up shop and has continued to do so since.

Mablethorpe is dying on its feet. Reverse the decision and bring jobs and wealth to the town.

I really do not want to visit in March to see the famous mermaid astride a mobility scooter or a banner advertising Jeremy Kyle’s waiting room.


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