Any mature players up for cricket.... French style?

EDITOR – I’m writing in response to the photograph of King Edward VI Grammar School football team in 1969 that was pictured in Leader, October 19.

I was one of the team, although the star player was without doubt Terry Goodyear.

I’m currently happily retired and living in the Lot region of France, and this is another reason for writing.

Although approaching 60, I’m still very active and play cricket out here for Catus Cricket Club, for whom I am also club president. Although we play teams such as Bordeaux and Angouleme we also welcome touring sides from the UK and already have annual fixtures with teams from Shefield, Bristol and Nutfield.

With this in mind I wondered if any of Leader readers would be willing to offer a challenge to ‘mainly mature’ cricketers from the Louth area to come out to this beautiful area of France and play us.

I should stress that many of our team are of an age where our most productive cricketing years are behind us.

If you are interested, please email me at:

Martin Kavanagh,

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