Arboreal predicament not an uncommon problem

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EDITOR – Re: Overhanging problem becoming ‘intolerable’ (Mablethorpe Leader, September 14).

I think the district council should cut down the trees.

Many people have this problem. In my case nearby trees reduce the light in summer.

The wind, mainly from the west, ensures our back garden is never clear of leaves and in autumn it is a constant battle to keep the garden tidy. Dead conifer leaves are always on our drive and my husband is out several times a week with the leaf sucker. Our gutters also need clearing.

We were told we could remove branches overhanging our property, and have already paid to have this done to the tree closest to the house, but cannot afford this on a regular basis and my husband, in his late eighties, is unable to do the work himself.

Looking on the internet it seems laws side with the owners of the trees and I understand the council will charge up to £100 to look into a complaint.

Perhaps the council should think again about the safety concern should Mr Gowland attempt to cut the tree branches off himself.


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