Avoid the weever

EDITOR - I saw the article on weever fish recently - certainly one species to avoid.

When I was a young lad I remember being stung by one (as did a couple of my pals) as we crossed through a beach pool near to the low water mark.

It’s worth noting that the biggest danger of being stung is towards the low tide area.

Weever fish feed on shrimps and small crustaceans which tend to occur in the lower tidal area.

You are not very likely to encounter them 
towards the higher beach - they’ll stay where their food is!

The weever fish bury themselves under the sand, with only their eyes and spines above the sand - you’ll not be able to notice them, even in the shallow pools. (the lesser weever, Trachinus Vipera, is the most dangerous - there’s a greater weever, but this is usually found in deeper (off-shore) waters.) Haven’t been stung by one since (thank God) - it’s very painful. Some relief from hot water (as hot as you can bear it) and potassium permanganate (I don’t think that’s been banned yet!!)

In the early days, it was the “blue bag” (some will remember).

Best advice is “don’t tread on them!”

If you are down at the low tide area, paddling, shrimping etc, wear old plimsols or sandals.

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