Awards a proof of our success

EDITOR – I wonder whether Mrs C A Kerman would care to explain to your readers exactly what her point is when she names my company in her somewhat disjointed and grammatically-challenged letter (Leader, February 23).

Most of the residents of Louth and indeed much further afield will know that our company has grown from a very small business into substantial employers in the retail sector in Louth town centre.

I started with one shop in 1985 and have, over the years, grown that total to five.

The total in paid employment in those five shops before I purchased them was approximately six persons; I now employ 13 staff in my company.

Most shoppers actually ‘vote with their wallets’ and I am proud to say that despite some challenging times over the years our customer base continues to grow both locally and nationally.

Should Mrs Kerman choose not to support my business that is her prerogative, but perhaps she would care to reflect on the number of awards and accolades gained for our customer service, product knowledge and the quality, depth and variety of our stock rather than seek to denigrate substantial local employers.

Jim Luck

Director, Luck of Louth

Eastgate, Louth