Bathing Beauties festival great for the community

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EDITOR – The Bathing Beauties Festival is a wonderful idea. It extends the season and focuses attention on the arts in a unique way, fostering great community spirit. It is a welcome showcase for local artists and performers.

Our Mablethorpe-based group, Tennyson Players, participated for the first time this year with Seaside Dreams, our own modern language Shakespeare adaptation (as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages project) and we were rewarded with an excellent audience response.

The younger members of our group gained a huge amount of self-pride, useful experience and enjoyment from taking part. It would be nice to see even more drama and dance in future years and more involvement from children and teenagers.

Improvements? The organisation needs tightening up: there were some hitches regarding parking passes and facilities/equipment not being available as arranged by some performers. Participants also need to be made aware of the need for insurance and PAT electrical tests earlier in the process.

It would be heartening for performers and organisers if ‘The longest linear coastal arts festival in Europe’ were given more news space in our local paper. The rather general article and small selection of photos did not do justice to the importance of this festival for our area.

Can The Leader not run to a special pull-out section once a year for this special event? After all, a lot of space seems to be given to quirky vegetable photos, so why not more to the huge efforts made by so many local people?


Chairman – Tennyson Players