Be ashamed of comments

EDITOR – I write this letter in response to Mrs S of Golf Road’s text message in your paper (March 21).

To say I was disgusted is an understatement.

I had always felt like I belonged in Mablethorpe. I have lived here for 17 years, I have worked here, owned a home here gave birth to a son here. I have had good times and bad like all people.

I have always tried to help anyone who needed something.

I am not ‘scum’ because I found myself needing social housing, and for anyone to make a sweeping statement like that shows how low some people will sink.

That person should be ashamed; I will not say that lady because no lady would say such a shameful thing.

What makes her think she is better than any other person?

The people of Mablethorpe have always made people feel welcome here and it is such a shame that a few like her, Mrs S, are seemingly trying to divide our lovely town.

Shame on you, Mrs S. I hope neither yourself or any member of your family find yourselves in a situation where you need social housing and find people calling you ‘scum’.


Hickory Way, Mablethorpe