Born... and gave birth

EDITOR – Crowtree Lane Hospital has lots of memories for me.

I was born there on March 1 1930. My mother had three boys (Ted, Tom, Don), then she had twins at Crowtree, a boy (Alan) and a girl (Kathleen, me) at 5lb each.

No one knew she was having twins (no scans then). I remember my mum telling me Nurse Alloft was her nurse, a great Salvation church lady.

A lady and gent came to the hospital and asked if she could spare the little girl (me) as they had no children, but mum’s answer was ‘no’.

Years went by, I married and in 1951 I had a son at Crowtree Hospital and a daughter there in 1954.

The nurse was Sister King. Dr Cook made fun of my name by saying ‘let’s get this corke out’.

I was happy with one of each and never went there again.

Mrs K M Corke

Mayfield Crescent, Louth