Building plans flood risk?

EDITOR – According to ‘Google Earth’ the area for the proposed Golf Road estate site varies from three feet above sea level to sea level.

It is unlikely that the sea will encroach this land due to the sea defences. At present this area of approximately 30 acres soaks up the rainwater that falls on it, but at this level it could be flooded from inland.

It has been reported (a) that the Environmental Agency has advised that no estate should be built due to the possiblity of flooding; and (b) the housing will be raised approximately three feet.

If the local authority covers this 30 acres with concrete and Tarmac, where is the rainfall to go?

Water always seeks the lowest level, so the only place for water to go is the remainder of Mablethorpe; the existing older housing will become at least waterlogged and possibly flooded.

The drainage in Mablethorpe is notoriously bad with frequent slight flooding over the years.

Where are the promised jobs coming from? The local authority should know that jobs are mainly seasonal in this area.

I have no doubt that housing agencies outside of this area will take this opportunity to persuade some of their ‘problem’ families to apply for some of this housing. We have enough ‘problem’ families without importing any more.

I would rather the money be spent on creating jobs. Perhaps a call centre on the industrial estate, or some other similar enterprise.

M J Nicholls

Rutland Road, Mablethorpe