Changes will affect parental choice

EDITOR – You must write about the dreadful lack of choice parents will be left with if the proposed merger is to go ahead.

There will be outrage once everyone knows exactly what this will mean for our children’s education, and how funding will affect the choices available (or lack of) to parents in this area.

You have a local moral obligation to present the facts and potential future consequences which are likely to arise should this merging of our schools becoming academies presents.

We have a Facebook campaign which needs to be highlighted so other people know where to find out how to make their views known.

What is to stop the sponsor of the academy from paying big bonuses like in the banking world? And what is to prevent the sponsors from bringing in their products and services, targeting our children and making them consumer targets?

I object to this and I want the Louth Leader to reflect what is going on out here in Louth.

Alison Mackenzie-Taylor

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