Christmas lunch such a happy experience

EDITOR – On Thursday, November 17, my wife and I, with other OAPs, had an excellent Christmas lunch at Holy Trinity Church in Eastgate Louth.

We were joined by pupils and a teacher from Lacey Gardens Primary School. We all dined well, then played games and told stories of Christmas many years ago and how Christmas was spent at the time of the Second World War.

Finally we all gathered round for a sing-song before the youngsters returned to school and the OAPs to their homes.

My congratulations and praise go especially to two groups.

The first to the wonderful band of dedicated, unpaid helpers who produced such a superb meal and whose huge, cheerful and untiring effort made the whole day possible.

The second to the children of Lacey Gardens School. They were very well behaved, well spoken and polite and were a real credit to their parents, the school, the teacher and themselves.

As with all children, they were full of fun, but this was tempered by good manners and an eagerness to learn. They brought a great deal of joy to all the adults there and certainly made the day special.

Here’s wishing all those at the Chistmas lunch and all your readers a very happy and joyous Christmas.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row,