Christmas tree confusion

EDITOR – Last week I was asked to sign a petition regarding the relocation of the Sutton town Christmas tree, and as the conversation went on I became more and more confused.

It appears that the town Christmas tree is not the tree on the mini roundabout, the town tree is located in the yard of the Meridale Centre. I wonder how many people have actually noticed it, let alone wondered who funds it?

I think, like me, 90 per cent of the local population believed the tree on the roundabout at the end of the High Street is the town tree, but I have since found out that that tree is supplied and funded by the local charity fundraising organisation The Old Fossils.

It would appear there has been a suggestion by local residents they would prefer the town tree to be located in a more prominent position for all to see. After all, this tree is supplied and serviced by ELDC with our money so why hide it behind the fenced and gated yard at the Meridale Centre? There was mention of possible vandalism if it was moved to a more prominent position, but if the Old Fossils risk it why can’t the council? It could be sited possibly in front of the centre or near the flag pole in view of the CCTV camera by the pullover if that is a concern.

No way am I knocking the Meridale Centre. I know the sterling work that has been put in over many years for the youth of Sutton and well done for that. It is much appreciated and long may it continue.


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