Clamp down on all obstructions

EDITOR – Regarding the situation of A boards, is this what Keep Louth Special is all about?

It appears they do not want the multi-nationals in the town, and now it is being made difficult for the small independents to survive. Carry on Louth Town Council and you soon won’t be needed because there won’t be a town to represent.

If it has become necessary to clamp down on obstructions to the pavements, then the whole of the town should be targeted, not just a few selected areas.

There are loads of situations besides A boards that present obstructions: wheelie bins, black bin bags full of rubbish, lamp posts, posts holding waiting restriction signs, cars parked on pavements, the list is endless.

As for the ridiculous situation on Newmarket, might I suggest that Nicola of Million Hairs campaigns for a litter bin to be installed on the pavement outside her premises, into which the vast amount of people who frequent that area can deposit their litter.

She can then attach an open for business sign to the bin, because litter bins do not appear to be classed as an obstruction.

Good luck and best wishes Nicola and I hope your health and business continue to improve.

Phil Parnham

North Somercotes