Comments: Realistic thinking on houses

Editor - Re 970 homes turned down. I’m 27, and I couldn’t be happier about this news, it’s not a case of ‘young vs old’ it’s a case of realistic thinking and what people want to see this town become.

The building of these houses wouldn’t have created jobs, not permanent ones anyway, then when the building is done, where do all the new families work? What about their cars? Where do they drive or park in Louth, that’s at least another 1,000 cars on the road in this small town.

Where would the children go to school?

People seem to think the way for Louth to ‘move forward’ is simply to make it bigger, which is ridiculous, if you want something like that then move to a town like Grimsby or Lincoln. I for one want Louth to stay exactly as it is.

James Pickworth

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