Consider other path users

EDITOR – Once again my daily dog walk was ruined by having to avoid endless heaps of dog mess on the pavements and grass verges.

It’s even more irritating when there is a dog waste bin just yards away!

The cuplrits who leave the mess should be ashamed of themselves and start to consider other people who use the pathways.

The walk to St Mary’s Park in Mablethorpe, via the track down Stanley Avenue, is the worst area at the moment.

Maybe the dog-fouling spies should visit this area and get handing out some fines. It would give someone a full-time job around here after the mess I’ve just seen.

George Street and Ruskin Road are also areas that could do with a dog poo patrol.

The bags to clean up are £1 for 100; it’s just sheer laziness.

I am personally fed up with it now, let’s just be grateful that not all dog owners are so irresponsible.