Council does a good job

EDITOR – Yet again someone’s moaning about the council and Queens Park Lake. Well may I say I have nothing but praise for the council as it tries and do good – but for some it just isn’t good enough.

May I say if you want something to moan about how about the people who don’t clean up after their dogs? I have asked some if they are going to clean it up but have been met with abuse... or their dog is not on a lead and just wanders off.

How about chalet owners sitting and snubbing an award-winning beach and watching every move you make when out in a garden?

They say they sit facing road side because of the sun. Excuse me, but as I send this email it’s cloudy and a bit breezy yet people have opened their dilapidated outdated chalets, this happens same every year.

May I finish by congratulating the council for what it has done and is doing.

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