Council needs to keep its notices more timely

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EDITOR – I would like to thank Councillor Lewis Strange, executive member for waste services for Lincolnshire County Council, for the bold type notice on page 6 of last week’s Leader advising that opening hours at the Louth waste centre had changed.

I would like to thank him but, unfortunately, I cannot because the notice, instead of appearing a couple of weeks ago, came three days after the change.

On Tuesday, April 2, I made a 35-mile round rip to the site and, although I do not know where they came from, during the time I was reading the notice and turning round to leave, three other cars arrived.

There seems to be a growing degree of tardiness in keeping the public advised accordingly and in due time of changing circumstances.

As an example; it now always takes considerable time to remove signs relating to roadworks; at the time of writing this letter there are still signs around indicating that the A1104 at Mablethorpe is closed, ten days after the work finished.

I’m sure people could easily point to other examples.

So far as ‘customer relations’ are concerned, the council needs to start thinking more about the people who pay their wages.

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l Editor’s note: The news update referred to was a follow-up to the original story about the opening hours changes printed in the paper several weeks ago.