Council, please do your duty!

EDITOR – I am responding to your article on page three of the September 14 issue, headed: Overhanging problem becoming ‘intolerable’.

It is appalling that East Lindsey District Council would tell a 76-year-old resident that he had to take care of trees overhanging from council property.

How dare they!

For a start, this gentleman is a senior member of our community and deserves all the help and assistance we can give him. Secondly, it is their trees, their land, and therefore their legal responsibility. The council should be bending over backwards to help this gentleman, not looking for excuses.

Besides asking East Lindsey what they do with all their money, we need to know which department is responsible, and the name of the elected representative responsible for that department. We do not need irresponsible decisions from non-elected officals, but local government that answers to the public taxpayers and voters.

Hopefully, a kind gardening business will donate some time to help Mr Gowland.


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